Disney stripped of self-governing status

By Tami Stevenson

In the wake of Disney’s new policies towards children, refusing to call them ‘boys and girls’

and their staunch opposition of banning schools from talking to kindergartners through third grade (children 9 and under) about transgender and other sexual orientations (“Don’t Say Gay” bill), the Disney corporation has lost millions in revenue due to thousands of families that refuse to take their children to a place that supports such opposing views to their moral fiber. They feel they are attempting to steal their children’s innocence and go against the laws of God and nature. These parents believe a five-year-old doesn’t even know what sex is, and if they do, someone has probably broken the law.

     For more than 55 years, since 1967, Disney has enjoyed the luxury of a self-governing status in the State of Florida, known as the Reedy Creek Improvement District. Something that has not been available to its competitors.

     Friday, in addition to Disney’s losses in revenue, under the direction of Governor Ron DeSantis to create this legislation, HB 9-B passed the senate with 26 yeas and only 9 nays. Thursday the house passed the bill with 82 yeas and 31 nays. The bill is now enrolled and waiting to be sent to the governor’s desk. The bill will take effect upon becoming law.

     The district will be renamed Central Florida Tourism Oversight District where a five-member Board of Supervisors will be appointed by DeSantis with state oversight. It also will prevent people that have worked for or contracted with a theme park for the last three years from becoming a board member.