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SHS Tennis Varsity take 3rd in District

The boys team includes: Loren Anderson, 12th Grade - 1st position, Gabe Bracken, 12th Grade - 2nd position, David Esco, 12th Grade - 3rd position, Jake Wooley, 11th Grade - 4th position, Evan McMillen, 9th Grade - 5th position and Calay Anderson, 9th Grade - 6th position.

The girls team includes: Mattilyn Marsee, 12th Grade - 1st position, Nellie Lamb, 12th Grade - 2nd position, Caroline Simpson, 12th Grade - 3rd position, Madison Dear, 10th Grade - 4th position, Tayah Johnson, 10th Grade - 5th position and Jennifer Hancock, 10th Grade - 6th position.

By Tami Stevenson

Live Oak, Fla., – The Suwannee Tennis Varsity boys and girls teams worked hard and earned their way to districts on April 12, in Palatka. It was a hot day, with each player participating in multiple matches that lasted anywhere from 90 minutes to 2.5 hours. The teams are coached by Damon Wooley, Sydnie Sine and Michael Ammundsen.

In spite of the heat, the boys and girls team each placed third in the district overall, out of seven schools.

Evan McMillen, 9th Grade - 5th position, made it to the finals, but lost his individual match to an Eastside player.

Volunteer Coach Michael Ammundsen told the Suwannee Valley Times that Gainesville Eastside pretty much dominated the courts but the Santa Fe girls team won four out of three as a team to beat Eastside. The Santa Fe girls team will represent the district at regionals.

The schools represented at Palatka were Baker County, Gainesville Eastside, Keystone Heights, Palatka, Alachua Santa Fe, Suwannee and Wakulla.

Of his team, Ammundsen said, “From day one, all of our kids improved 100 percent and worked really hard. If you put them side-by-side from when they started to now, you wouldn’t know we were talking about the same kid. They worked really hard and came a long way. They all put the time in and they all improved their game.”

He also told the Times that on both the boys and girls team, the top three players in each are twelfth graders and will be leaving them for next year, so there will be more opportunities for others to join.