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Madison County Republican Executive Committee Establishes Scholarship at NFC Foundation

Chairman of the Madison County REC, Bob Bezick presents a $1,000 donation to NFC Director of Resource Development, Judy Lundell. -Photo: Courtesy NFC

Submitted by Kim Scarboro
Director of College Advancement

MADISON, FL - The North Florida College Foundation is pleased to announce a recent donation from the Madison County Republican Executive Committee to establish a scholarship at the NFC Foundation. The scholarship will assist students entering a service-oriented Career and Workforce program at NFC, such as a certificate or degree in Emergency Medical Services, NFC Public Safety Academy programs or Nursing and Allied Health programs. 

Chairman of the Madison County REC, Bob Bezick is excited to see the group’s mission extend into education. “We strongly believe in freedom and the relevancy of the United State Constitution. Our hope is that this scholarship will inspire a new generation of learners as they explore and appreciate these concepts which are foundational to our country’s independence,” said Bezick.

NFC Director of Resource Development Judy Lundell is always appreciative of community support and involvement from groups like the Madison County REC, “We are excited to receive this scholarship and are honored to see it designated for Career and Workforce students who are preparing to enter professions that directly serve the community.”

“When local organizations like the Madison County REC invest in NFC student scholarships, they are also investing in their hometowns’ infrastructure, education rate, and financial stability. Local students who have graduated high school but remain in the NFC six-county service area often have not had the advantage of a college education,” said Lundell. “Scholarships like the Madison County REC’s can change that.”

Students who wish to be considered for the Madison County Republican Executive Committee scholarship may apply online at and are asked to include a 500-word essay on one of the following topics: (1) Why the Constitution is Important, (2) Compare and Contrast: Conservatism and Liberalism, (3) Compare and Contrast: Capitalism and Socialism.

For more information on NFC scholarships and giving opportunities, contact the NFC Foundation at 850-973-9414 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..