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Class of 2021 Graduation photos for Suwannee, Madison, Branford, Columbia and Hamilton Counties in North Florida.

Suwannee High School Graduation

Suwannee High School graduated 240 students at the Paul Langford Stadium on May 22, 2021. -Photos Courtesy SHS

Suwannee High School Graduation 2021

Branford, Florida 2021 Graduation

Branford High School graduated 91 students on May 21, 2021. -BHS Photo


Madison, Florida High School Graduation, 2021

Madison High School graduated 96 students and 41 from James Madison Preparatory High School. -MHS Photo

Hamilton, Florida, High School Graduation, 2021

Hamilton High School graduated 80 students this year. -HHS Photo


Columbia High School, Lake City, Florida 2021 graduatioin

Columbia High School graduated more than 430 students at Tiger Stadium.
-CHS Photo

By Tami Stevenson

Stadiums were packed all over North Florida this year as relatives and loved ones freely gathered to celebrate graduations in person.

Graduation is a time of joy, knowing all the years of hard work have finally paid off. It is a time of sadness as the familiar routine ends and classmates are replaced by new classmates or new friends from a new job. It is also a wonderful time of anticipation for what the future will hold. To finally have the chance to live out the aspirations and dreams that were formed while in school.

This year is particularly special because of the times we live in. The pandemic took so much from our graduates last year, but not this year! It is a year with a common thread woven in the spirits of all 2021 graduates in North Florida, which says – “We’re getting back to normal!” Families and loved ones were able to attend without limitations. Although most schools streamed live, there were real people in the stands this year. The stadiums were filled to overflowing with tears and cheers, laughter and joy as they watched their loved ones physically walk down the stage and receive their high school diplomas.

Suwannee Superintendent Ted Roush echoed the thoughts of most high schools in North Florida this year when he told the Suwannee Valley Times, “It was great to return to a sense of normalcy where we didn’t have to restrict attendees with a certain number of tickets. We’re just thrilled to have the graduation. We’re back to normal, the weather was great, and the people were tremendously appreciative.”

Congratulations to the class of 2021.