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Representation in Washington?
You be the judge

By Jeffry Boatright

Democrats in Congress claimed victory last week with the defection of a dozen republican senators siding with their democratic colleagues on a reversal of President Trump’s emergency declaration along our nation’s southern border. While it is likely that Senator Chuck Schumer, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and a host others celebrated their victory, they might consider re-corking their champagne bottles for now.

 Our federal government, which is one of checks and balances, allows the executive branch the power of a veto, which will not be as easy to override as their resolution was to push through in both houses of congress. In order to override President Trump’s veto, which is certain to come, a two-thirds vote of both houses of congress will be required. That is unlikely to happen in either house, even with the help of those republicans who defected.


Incidentally, Florida’s Senator Marco Rubio was one of the twelve.
It came as no surprise that every democrat in both houses of congress voted to overturn the President’s emergency declaration. Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives, which include Representatives Neil Dunn and Ted Yoho, unanimously showed their support for the President’s emergency declaration by voting no on the resolution to be overturned.


It became obvious in December that the leaders of the democratic party were not going to compromise, especially where funding a border wall is concerned. When Speaker Pelosi suggested that they would discuss a border wall after President Trump approved the budget, which did not include funding for a border wall, many of us were reminded of the time that we were told that we would know what was in the Affordable Health Care Act after it was passed.


Of course, it is nothing new for Congress to rebuke a president. In fact, President Trump is in good company because George Washington was the first to face the wrath of congress, and since then, nearly every sitting president has dealt with congressional investigations, non-action and partisan politics.


Our system of checks and balances has always been essential to our form of government, and that system remains critical today.


Historically, each branch has used its power to protect and benefit the American people because our representatives realized that they were, in fact, servants and representatives of the American people. Today, however, congress lacks that realization as a whole.


If congress has ever needed our prayers, it needs them now. Some socialist leaning politicians would much rather mirror a Venezuelan style government and economy than the capitalist system that has proven beneficial to our nation and the world. 


There is a growing sentiment for “free stuff” among some on Capital Hill. We realize, however, that there is no such thing as free healthcare, free education, free food or free money.


Someone always picks up the tab and in our case, it’s the American taxpayer. Besides, it’s a bitter pill to swallow when we offer free college to students who too often reject the opportunities that are provided through public education.


It would be unfair to say there isn’t cause for concern over our environment, and common sense tells us that we should preserve God’s creation. However, the next few years are going to be quite interesting as New York’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others attempt to legislate environmental measures that will be costly and devastating to agriculture and other industries.


Ocasio-Cortez is skilled in motivating millennials and has indicated interest in encouraging other progressive candidates to challenge more moderates in 2020. The Conservative Dispatch reports that she has ties to a dark money group that trains progressive organizers to lead grassroots political campaigns across the country.


Wouldn’t it have been nice if Representative Ocasio-Cortez had encouraged students from her district to remain in class and become enlightened on our nation’s history, economic systems and measures to realistically protect our environment instead of praising their staged walkouts from class in protest of climate change last week? Who knows, that could lead to scholarships, which is another way of helping pay for college.


Speaker Pelosi should also have some very interesting months ahead. She is certain to find many challenges with the group of freshman congresswoman, which includes Ocasio-Cortez, along with the foul-mouthed Rashida Tlaib and Minnesota’s anti-semitic Ilhan Omar.


Indeed, there will be more turmoil, resolutions and vetoes to come, and compromise, which has been the cornerstone of our republic, will remain scarce at best. Is it because our representatives are acting on the will of the people or simply because they would prefer to keep the executive branch from accomplishing the will of the people? You be the judge.