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Stephen Foster's

Antiques, Arts & Collectibles Day

Crowds gathered to enjoy the vintage and classic cars on display at the Antiques, Arts and Collectibles Day event at Stephen Foster last Saturday. -SVT Photo by Tami Stevenson

Car enthusiasts were able to savor 71 vintage and classic cars at the Antiques, Arts & Collectibles Day at Stephen Foster, last Saturday. -SVT Photo by Tami Stevenson


By Tami Stevenson

With a military opening ceremony honoring WWII Veterans and the Hamilton County High School ROTC presenting colors, the Antiques, Arts and Collectibles Day event was off to a great start at Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park in White Springs, last Saturday.

Seventy-one vintage and classic cars, antiques and interactive displays filled the grounds as visitors enjoyed a free day at the park for the event. Guests appreciated listening to the partially restored 96 bell carillon tower as it chimed throughout the day playing old-time songs and ringing on the hour and half hours.

Vintage car enthusiasts also enjoyed guessing classic song artists as the Suwannee River Region Antique Automobile Club of America (SRRAACA) played classic music that matched the era of the cars on display and gave out prizes to the first person who could guess the artist.

Park Service Specialist Andrea Thomas said, “I think it went really well, we had a good turnout. With the cars, the interpretive displays and vendors, we had a lot to offer. And being a free day at the park gave people an opportunity to see what types of things we have to offer,” said Thomas. The Antiques, Arts & Collectibles Day is one of the youngest events they have at the park and it grows each year.

Mark your calendars for the next event planned at Stephen Foster, which is the Antique Tractor and Engine Show, April 4-6.

Hamilton County High School ROTC presenting colors. -Photo: Florida Parks Service

Superior Fossils Owner George Diaz, from Jacksonville, is holding a tooth from a Columbian Mammoth in his collection and said it is estimated the tooth is anywhere from 25,000 to 35,000 years old. -SVT Photo

Ranger Kimberly Rivers with a Cousin Thelma Boltin Interpretive Display. -Photo: Florida Parks Service

Dashboard of a beautiful 1957 Pontiac Star Chief. -SVT Photo by Mark Stevenson

Owned by Clarence Snyder (in photo below), the Original El Camino SS was produced by Choo Choo Customs from GM from mid-1983 until the El Camino series was discontinued at the end of 1987.
-SVT Photo by Tami Stevenson


Clarence Snyder, right, of Lake City and Mark Friedman of McAlpin are members of the Lake City Train Club. Snyder’s parents bought him that train set 65 years ago in Pennsylvania and everywhere he moved he has always brought it with him. Now he is building miniature scenery and built the Carillon Tower in the center of the train display. The Choo Choo custom El Camino SS in the above photo is also his car. -SVT Photo by Tami Stevenson