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Lake City Humane Society awarded grant from First Federal

LCHS announces the award of a Community Rewards Program Grant (up to $2,000) by First Federal Bank to purchase much needed dog beds

By Jordan Regar, LCHS

The Lake City Humane Society announces their receipt of a grant through First Federal. This grant will be used to purchase new dog beds which will replace ones the facility is unable to repair.   “We are extremely pleased to have been able to apply for and be awarded this grant,” says Community Development Manager, Jordan Regar, “Our kennels are long overdue for an update in furniture and we’re all, both two and four-legged, are jumping for joy.”

     The Community Rewards Program is a way for First Federal to partner with the community to support local organizations. Every time a First Federal customer who is enrolled in the program, uses their debit card to make a signature-based transaction, First Federal donates money to a participating organization. First Federal customers just have to swipe, sign and support! All money raised comes from First Federal.  To learn more about First Federal and their program, visit their website at

     The Lake City Humane Society is a full-service humane society, serving the community’s needs through the adoption center, veterinary clinic, animal services departments and most recently, the thrift store.  Comprised of dedicated staff of twenty six who always goes above and beyond their call of duty to ensure the best care for the animals, along with a constant fellowship of volunteers and help from the community, the Lake City Humane Society has been able to care for over 5,000 animals each year.