Shands Live Oak Hospital

and Shands Starke SOLD

Will become emergency only facilities by April, 2020

According to a press release today, February 27, 2020, affiliates of Community Health Systems, Inc. (CHS) will cease inpatient operations and facilities will be acquired by hospitals affiliated with HCA Healthcare’s North Florida Division and operated as off-campus emergency departments


42nd Annual Olustee Festival - A Civil War remembrance

Officials gathered as the Blue-Grey Army’s Major General Dr. Tony Buzzella and Brigadier General Jeanie Wilks began the opening ceremonies at their new venue in Wilson Park with beautiful Lake DeSoto as the backdrop. -SVT Photo by Tami Stevenson



Career Day at RIVEROAK drew hundreds interested in their future

Suwannee Seniors at RIVEROAK on Career Day. L-R: Tat Van Ette, Jax Sansouci (on top) and Reagan Berry. After graduation, Tat said he wants to pursue a career in the medical field and has his sights set on becoming a registered nurse. Jax said he wants to attend college for wrestling and study criminology. Reagan, 6’ 4,” wants to play college football. - SVT Photo by Tami Stevenson


Gun bill may expand gun rights for elected officials

By Tami Stevenson


In light of shootings that have occurred at government meetings in various states, including city commission meetings in New Hope, Minnesota; Kirkwood, Missouri; Ross Township, Pennsylvania; and Mount Pleasant, Iowa, two gun bills are moving through the legislature that would allow certain elected officials/members to carry a firearm during meetings.


Local eighth-grader accepted into Mensa

With an IQ of 146, Victoria Coker has a bright future ahead of her.
-Photo: Submitted


69th Annual Jeanie & Stephen Foster Vocal Competition

2020 Stephen and Jeanie contestants L to R: James Hooper Stephens - Stephen Runner-up, Ashley Ambrose, Victoria Jebian - Jeanie Maid 2020 (2nd place), Allison Fahey - Jeanie Maid 2020 (3rd place), Adam Benton - Stephen 2020, Nicole Carrion - Jeanie 2020, Colby Harter - Stephen 3rd place, Jessica Farris, Alexandra Torres, Isabelle Scott. -Photo by Catherine Chapman


Hooked on Heroes dedicates new memorial to Veterans Park

City and county officials, along with RIVEROAK Tech representatives and other business owners gathered for a photo with Hooked on Heroes members during the unveiling of the new steel soldier silhouette, Tuesday, January 7. -SVT Photo by Tami Stevenson