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School Choice
Regardless of income

Governor Ron DeSantis

By Tami Stevenson

Are you a parent or guardian that has always wanted to be able to afford for your kids to attend a private or charter school but inevitably did not meet the financial guidelines for grants or government assistance and paying for it all yourself was near to impossible?

Antique Tractor & Engine Show
Coming to Stephen Foster March 30 - April 1

Antique tractor enthusiasts enjoy seeing the implements just as much as the tractors. -SVT Archived Photo by Mark Stevenson

By Tami Stevenson

History enthusiasts of all ages are invited to the 33rd Annual Antique Tractor and Engine Show at Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park in White Springs from March 30 - April 1. Visitors will be afforded

Suwannee River Catfish Festival - April 8

Visitors from last year’s Catfish Festival at Greenway Park in Branford. -SVT Archived Photo by Tami Stevenson

By Tami Stevenson

Mark your calendars and grab your lawn-chairs for Saturday, April 8, 2023. The Suwannee River Catfish Festival is coming to Greenway Park in Branford,


In Memory of 

Earnest James Paulk, Jr

Exposing the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Scam in Higher Education

Staff Reports

Monday, March 13, Governor Ron DeSantis held a roundtable discussion on divisive concepts such as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives, Critical Race Theory (CRT) and the impact that these concepts have had on Florida higher education institutions and the students that attend them. These concepts are in no way inclusive, and instead force exclusion and division within higher education, and do not in any way contribute to learning or knowledge; as such, no funding from hardworking, tax-paying Floridians, including the parents of higher-education students, should be spent on these divisive initiatives.  

     Roundtable participants included students who have been impacted by DEI initiatives along with Commissioner of Education Manny Diaz, Jr. and other higher education officials. To watch the roundtable discussion,

Madison’s Camp Cherry Lake aims for accreditation

Camp Cherry Lake in Madison will host day camps led by local UF/IFAS Extension offices, this year, and the camp’s current overnight facilities will be available for rental to smaller groups. Those interested in rentals at Camp Cherry Lake can contact Erin Mugge at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. -Photo: UF/IFAS

Staff Reports

Madison, Fla., – According to a release from the University of Florida News by Samantha Murray, Florida 4-H Camp Cherry Lake in Madison is aiming for accreditation. They are in the process of renovation and at the end, intend to become accredited, which has been a goal of Florida 4-H camps for many years.

Eight invasive species from cockroaches to roof rats

Invading homes and wallets

William Kern, an associate professor in the department of entomology and nematology at UF/IFAS Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center. -Photo: UF/IFAS

By Lourdes Mederos, UF/IFAS

The list of Florida’s invasive species goes beyond reptiles and plants. Many insects and rodents we consider household pests are also invasive species.



Adopt your new best friend Mar. 11

LIVE OAK, Fla., – The Live Oak Tractor Supply is inviting customers to attend a Pet Adoption Event on Mar. 11, 2023, from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

Everything Strawberry!

Buckler Promotions’ ever popular Strawberry Festival in Live Oak drew visitors from all over the state

L-R: Lianne Zambrana, Cassidy Lear and Chase Layton, all from Lake City, had great fun competing in the strawberry in a spoon contest. Lianne Zambrana ultimately won.
-All SVT Photos by Tami Stevenson

More strawberry in a spoon racers. There was a tie, 2nd from left, Evan Williams from Tallahassee and 3rd from right, Montraio Johnson of Gainesville tied in the race. -SVT Photo

By Tami Stevenson

Buckler Promotions held a jam-packed strawberry festival this last weekend at the Suwannee County Fairgrounds in Live Oak. The annual event drew people from all over the state

Disney no longer a kingdom to itself

Staff Reports

Monday, February 27, Governor Ron DeSantis signed House Bill (HB) 9-B, Reedy Creek Improvement District, Orange, and Osceola Counties, to end self-governing status and special privileges provided to Walt Disney World through