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Wi-Fi at Coliseum

Rapid Fiber Vice President of Network Operations Chris McKenzie, holding sign with installation crew after installing wifi at the Suwannee County Coliseum on February 28. -Photos: Submitted by Jon Little

By Tami Stevenson

On February 28, installers from Suwannee Valley Electric Cooperative’s (SVEC) subsidiary, Rapid Fiber Internet, LLC, went to work giving back to the community and equipped the Suwannee County Coliseum with wifi.

That’s great news for fair goers, since that is the next event scheduled at the coliseum. The 109th Annual Suwannee County Fair is set for March 15-23 this year.

SVEC Director of Communications Jon Little said the service will be free to fair goers.

They also posted signs that say “Free Wifi” within the public facility that have a QR code for visitors to easily access wifi immediately.
“(We) SVEC and Rapid Fiber internet feel privileged to be able to offer free Wi-Fi service to fair attendees and we are excited for them to experience the speed of our 100% fiber optic network,” said Little.

According to Little, currently, wifi is only available inside the coliseum and the entertainment area directly behind the main facility.

Although it will be free for everyone to experience during the days of the fair, there may be a small fee attached for non-subscribers in the future.

“We do have plans to branch out and have it for the entirety of the fairgrounds. They are not quite finalized with that, we are not sure how long that will take, but is in the works,” said Ashley Robinson, Rapid Fiber’s marketing and communications coordinator.

Robinson added they currently have four zones open out of the 42 zones within the SVEC member cooperative.

“We’re really excited to be able to offer this to our community,” Robinson added.

People can check to see if Rapid Fiber Internet service is available in there area by visiting

Signs posted inside the facility.