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Florida State Guard moving forward

Graduates 205 from February IET Class

Staff Reports

On March 2, Governor Ron DeSantis announced that the Florida State Guard (FSG) graduated 205 soldiers from the February Initial Entry Training (IET). Over the past three weeks, volunteers completed the robust training program—earning the title of Florida State Guard Soldier.

     Members of the February IET class received instruction and earned industry-recognized certifications in crisis and emergency response operations including CPR/AED, Wildland Firefighting Introduction, and FEMA Incident Management.

     Focus areas included team skills training in basic lifesaving; medical evacuation; land navigation; route reconnaissance and clearance; damage assessment; land and maritime search and rescue; wildfire response; and distributed logistics.

     In collaboration with state, local, and community organizations, the FSG has also developed and implemented a comprehensive continued training program, strengthening Florida’s emergency response capabilities.

     “Our volunteers sacrificed time away from their families and professions to undertake the challenge and honor of becoming a soldier in the Florida State Guard and I am quite proud of this graduating class and their many accomplishments,” said Director Mark Thieme.