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What Satan worshipers say about Christians celebrating Halloween

Halloween decorations. Wiki CC Photo by Anthony22

By Tami Stevenson

Halloween has grown into the nation’s 2nd most celebrated holiday, only taking a backseat to Christmas. Most churches advocate children dressing up, carving pumpkins and giving out candy. On the other side, this is a very important day to the occult. 

     This article is not devised to tell Christians or others what to believe or practice, but rather to inform readers about what the holiday is rooted in from the occult perspective.

     Christian Evangelist, John Ramirez, is an ex-Satan worshiper. His father was a warlock and his family was deeply rooted in the occult his entire life. He devoted his life to Satan when he was only eight years old, and for the next 25 years, he worshipped Satan as his spiritual father and became a high priest in the occult. As someone that was in witchcraft and Satanism for so many years, he is uniquely qualified to discuss the “other side” of Halloween. 

Saint Augustine forces the devil to take part in the Christian liturgy. - CC Wiki Photo: By Michael Pacher

    Ramirez says one of the greatest tricks the devil pulls on humanity is to make things cultural, fashionable and acceptable, “So when you dress up Halloween, when you dress up the occult, when you dress up the Satanic devil worship, it’s always going to come dressed up as an angel of light. Something harmless, something you can practice. Something entertaining for you to enjoy. But in the back end of the story you have to pay a bill.”

     He talked about a famous Satanic priest from California that, before his death, said he wanted to thank every Christian parent that allows their children to celebrate the devil one time a year. It opens doors for them.

     In the occult, Halloween is considered one of the “high holidays”.  Ramirez says they are copycats of what the Christian world has because the devil is not a creator, he copies and perverts what the Lord has made. He also says their main goal is to keep people from believing in Jesus Christ, and to keep them from their purpose and destiny in God.

     He said Halloween is like Good Friday to devil worshipers, and on November 1 they celebrate the day of the dead, which to them, is like resurrection Sunday to the Christians. Resurrection means life/light, the day of the dead means death/darkness. 

     According to Ramirez, Halloween is designed to entrap innocent participants in the spirit realm, allowing darkness to have a foot hold in their lives, their marriages and their children through a ripple effect, even years down the road. 

     Ramirez says to Christians that want to celebrate Halloween, that they are unwittingly “giving legal rights” to Satan and his demonic spirits to operate in their own lives, and those of their children, by participating in the holiday.

     Parents may dress up a child in things they truly believe are harmless, like the cute Little Mermaid or Casper the friendly ghost. What’s the harm in that… right? Many Christians dress up their children in Bible characters, but they are still participating in the holiday. Ramirez says the mermaid in Satanic worship is called a water spirit and it is demonic.

Christian Parents may say, “Well, I don’t dress my kids like a witch or a vampire, it’s okay,” for example. 

     “Casper the friendly ghost is a spirit. It’s a ghost in the demonic world (dressed up to look friendly to humans). So you’re changing your child’s identity in the spirit realm when you dress them up as someone else.” He says the devil will then come later to collect. “Even though they may have only been 5, 6, 7 and 8 years old when they first participated, now your kid is 16, 17, 18 years old, they are on drugs, not behaving, rebellious. Parents say, but my kids grew up in church, how did this happen?”  Ramirez says, “Go back and hit the rewind button on your life. You opened the door without even realizing it.” He said now the devil has a stronghold in their lives.

     Halloween is all about creating fear. The devil wants to sow seeds of fear into young children. Fear creates torment. Some children have trouble sleeping because they are having nightmares. Ramirez says it’s because parents, many unwittingly, have created an atmosphere in their home, allowed things on television that are demonic, and have allowed things to happen that are ungodly in the home. He says they have made Jesus Christ uncomfortable in their home, but have made the devil very comfortable.

   Carved Pumpkins: 
The meaning behind carved pumpkins being used is the symbol of a marine spirit that controls the rivers. He says you make a legal right when you connect with that situation… or decorate your house with pumpkins and carve faces in them, you are bringing that situation into your home. Not realizing the implications and the spiritual dangers behind it.

Slate gravestone of Josiah Leavitt (1679–1717)
- CC Photo

     Gravestones: People can put a gravestone in their yard and no one says anything, but if they put up a cross, people get offended. The world is upside down. Gravestone decorations look harmless, usually made of plastic or cardboard, but it’s what’s behind the scenes, what you are celebrating, what you are dedicating, what you are making allegiance to. He says when you play around with gravestones you are declaring premature death over your family.    

     Children are so pure when they are young. For example, when a two-year-old sees/comprehends Halloween decorations for the first time, it usually scares them. They see something is wrong. But then, when the parent says it’s okay, it begins to desensitize them and opens them up to things God never intended.

     Halloween takes things that are evil and makes it marketable to children and to Christian believers. People get comfortable with it because it has become the norm. It’s acceptable in society and so it creates an open door. He said the occult calls them gateways and portals. 

     Now a Christian Evangelist, Ramirez says when he preaches about these things and has altar calls for people to repent from celebrating Halloween so they can break the legal rights and strongholds in their lives, to his surprise, at least 100 to 150 people usually come forward. 

     He says many Christians, although the Bible says they are more than conquerors through Christ, lead mediocre lives with many problems, and it is because of what they allow and accept as normalcy. However unwittingly or well-intentioned, they have created an open door for darkness to slip in as a spirit of light, catching them unaware, and wreaking havoc in their lives. God says in Hosea 4:6 that His people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. (KJV)

     Christian revivalist Isaiah Saldivar is a young man that has over 800,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. In one of his videos, he talks about cursed items people unknowingly have in their homes - games that are demonic, decorative items rooted in pagan religions - among other things.

     Saldivar urges Christians to make sure their house is a demon-free zone! Get rid of things like horror and magic related movies, dreamcatchers, ouija boards, tarot cards and the like.

     He says that it is the job of a Christian believer to make sure their house is a demon-free zone. Don’t give the devil a foot-hold, even on Halloween! Don’t let him come and take away the peace in your home, the joy in your home. Make sure your house is full of the presence of God and not full of unclean spirits. “…So we would not be outwitted by Satan.” II Corinthians 2:11 (ESV)
Visit John Ramirez’s YouTube channel for more information on this topic.