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Farm Swap at Henley Farms

Farm Owner William Henely, left, with step daughter, Marissa Savey, at their Scentsy booth last Saturday.
-SVT Photo by Tami Stevenson

By Tami Stevenson

William and Melissa Henley own a farm in Suwannee County near the intersection of Highway 51 and 252, just north of Luraville, that has a big, empty field in front of it. They chose not to plant crops there or put livestock on it, instead, they decided to hold a farm swap on the property the first and third Saturday of each month. This August will mark their first anniversary.

Farmers can bring their animals to sell or swap and vendors of all kinds are welcome to trade or sell their wares for a mere $5.00 for the day. That’s not a typo, the fee for a 15 foot wide space is only $5.00 for the day. They said the depth of the space can be as deep as the vendor
needs it to be.

William Henley said, “The land sits here whether we do anything with it or not.” So they decided to give this a try at a very affordable price for the vendors.

Being vendors themselves, his wife, Melissa and step-daughter, Marissa Savey, sell Scentsy products. Marissa and her sister Miranda Henley had a booth set up. “This booth is mine and my sister’s. You should see Mom’s booth, it’s way bigger than ours,” Marissa exclaimed.

Among the vendors that came to brave the heat last weekend, July 16, was Makin’ Bacon Farm out of Fort White. This was their fourth or fifth time setting up at the Henley Farm and said they always enjoy it. Meghan and Jordan Boone were selling beef jerky products made from elk, pork, beef and other wild game meats. They also have approximately 150 pasture raised hogs and their own recipe for sausage. Since 2018, they have been using a local butcher with a USDA rating to make their delicious sausage recipes for them, using the pork from their own hogs. Saturday, they offered smoked hot Italian, mild pan, smoked maple and smoked mild sausage. They also purchased a freeze dryer and were selling freeze dried skittles and freeze dried star bursts, offering samples to everyone that visited their booth. Customers can find them in cities and towns like Gainesville, Fort White, Branford, Lake City and Live Oak to name a few. Their next big step is to purchase a food truck where they will sell their sausage as a meal and will call it Boone Dawgs. Customers can order directly from their website and they offer free shipping. To find out more, visit

Lester Lindrose and Lakota Yeomans-Lindrose were selling handmade candles and an assortment of stones and other products.

Kendall Walker came all the way from Jacksonville to sell her crocheted hats and other items while giving customers a first hand look at how they are made by crocheting while customers watched. This was her very first time ever having a booth anywhere and she was excited to be there. Her Grandmother, Bebe Warren, of Lake City accompanied her.

Another vendor, Michelle Belkin, owner of Belkin Family Farm out of Branford, brought some pets to adopt out. Two kittens and two beagle-mix puppies. They were already de-wormed and given their first shots. She has come frequently to the Henley Farm Swap and said she sometimes brings quail and other animals.

William Henley said their largest crowd, during this first year, was around 1500 customers with 23 vendor booths. “A lot depends on the weather.” He added, “the cooler months are usually better.” But they still plan to hold them the first and third Saturday of every month and are excited for what the future holds.

The Henley’s may be reached via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling 386-209-7106. Their next Farm Swap is set for August 6, 2022.

Meghan and Jordan Boone from Makin’ Bacon Farm of Fort White were selling jerky, sausage made using their own pasture raised hogs and freeze-dried Skittles and Star Bursts. -SVT Photo by Tami Stevenson

Kendall Walker, left, of Jacksonville, with her grandmother, Bebe Warren, of Lake City. -SVT Photo by Tami Stevenson


Michelle Belkin, right, of Belkin Family Farm, along with Miranda Henley offered pets for adoption. -SVT Photo by Tami Stevenson

Lester Lindrose and Lakota Yeomans-Lindrose
-SVT Photo by Tami Stevenson