Primary Election approaching fast

By Tami Stevenson

Columbia, Suwannee, Hamilton and Madison County Candidates list.

Do you know who is going to be on your ballot? For many people, voting is a serious civic duty. They never miss an election and proudly wear their “I Voted!” pins on election day, hoping their candidate will win. For others, voting may be seen as too much of a hassle or a useless endeavor that won’t make a difference anyway.

     Fact: History has shown that local elections have been won and lost by as little as one or two votes! This upcoming election is more about local leaders than a presidential race, so the impact can be huge to your community, bringing meaningful change to your schools, your city and your county.

     Issues like a road that needs to be paved in your area or a street light that needs to be installed in your neighborhood are all addressed on local city and county levels by the officials you elect. Perhaps your school’s extracurricular activities need to be better funded so parents do not have to pay for so many kid’s activities, lowering the burden on parents’ finances without affecting their children’s education. The school board members you elect are the ones that decide these issues and more, so let your voice be heard.

     To find out more about the candidates, voters can call or email their local candidates to inquire where they will be speaking in their area next. A contact list for Columbia, Suwannee, Hamilton and Madison County candidates is posted below.

     The upcoming August 23, 2022 primary election is fast approaching. The deadline to register to vote in the state of Florida, online or in person, is 29 days before an election day (if you want to vote in that election and are not already registered). If anyone wishes to register by mail, the letter must be postmarked 29 days before election day. Therefore, the deadline to register to vote in the upcoming primary election is July 25, 2022. Early voting dates and times normally vary by county so be sure to check with your local Supervisor of Elections. Visit for voter guides by home address nationwide.


State and federal candidates are as follows:

District 3 - US Representatives - Columbia, Suwannee and Hamilton Counties, include Incumbent Kat Cammack (REP), Manuel P. Asensio (REP), Linda S. Brooks (NPA), Danielle Hawk (DEM), Justin Waters (REP) and Tom Wells (DEM).
District 2 - US Representatives - Madison County, Incumbent Neal Dunn (REP) and Al Lawson (DEM).

District 3 - State Senator - Suwannee, Hamilton and Madison Counties, include Incumbent Loranne Ausley (DEM), andCorey Simon (REP).
District 6 - State Senator - Columbia County is Jennifer Bradley, unopposed.

District 10 - State Representative - Columbia County is Incumbent Chuck Brannan (REP). He is unopposed.

District 7 - State Representative - Suwannee County, is Jason Shoaf (REP). Shoaf is unopposed as well.

District 9 - State Representative - Madison County, is Ashley Guy (REP) and will run against Incumbent Allison Tant (DEM) in the general election.