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David Esco Wins American Patriots Scholarship

L-R, Donna Long, David Esco, Dana Darby, Terri Monroe -Photo: Submitted


AMERICAN PATRIOTS awarded a $1000 scholarship to senior, David Esco, at Suwannee High School Awards ceremony recently. Founder, Donna Long and members Terri Monroe and Dana Darby presented a scholarship check.

AMERICAN PATRIOTS Live Oak is a grass-roots group formed almost two years ago. Their goal is to be a positive public presence and to strongly support the U.S. Constitution. They believe we must work to ensure a continuing and prosperous and healthy America and local community for our youth.

The group established a scholarship to be won by a senior who would submit to AMERICAN PATRIOTS an essay comparing three forms of government: a democratic republic, socialism and communism. David Esco submitted the winning essay, the content of which would hit home with any American regardless of their situation.

David said, “I am honored and extremely grateful to receive this scholarship from an organization that is well versed in our community.“

Next year, AMERICAN PATRIOTS hopes to award a scholarship to a student attending River Oak Technical College.

AMERICAN PATRIOTS meet once a month on the third Saturday from two to four p.m. at River Oak Technical College. Visit the website for details, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..