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Local SkillsUSA Students Participate in National Signing Day to celebrate CTE Career Commitments

-Photo: RIVEROAK Courtesy

By Mary Keen, RIVEROAK Director

Students and teachers at RIVEROAK Technical College teamed up with SkillsUSA and its industry partners to celebrate SkillsUSA National Signing Day on May 5, 2022. Twenty-two students at RIVEROAK Technical College were part of the program recognizing local career and technical education students for their dedication to pursuing a career in any of the 130 occupational areas that SkillsUSA serves. This year, more than 1,500 students from 300 SkillsUSA schools are expected to participate nationwide.

SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry working together to ensure America has skilled workforce. This nonprofit education association empowers its members to become world-class workers, leaders and responsible American citizens, producing the career-ready graduates who can help close America’s skills gap.

On SkillsUSA National Signing Day, these dedicated students were recognized by their school administrators, teachers, elected officials, SkillsUSA advisors, family and friends for making a decision to pursue a career in the skilled trades, a high demand sector that continues to face an immense labor shortage.

SkillsUSA Signing Day Participants
1. Jayden Bates-Healthcare (Branford High School)
2. Trenna Burkett-Surgical Technology (Suwannee High School)
3. Nykeema Dortly-Masonry (Home Education)
4. Delayney Fennel-Practical Nursing (Branford High School)
5. Makinzy Frazier-Cosmetology (Melody Christian)
6. Mari Hughes-Masonry (Suwannee High School)
7. Cole Humphries-Electricity (Suwannee High School)
8. James Jackson-Automotive Collision (Hamilton County High School)
9. Zachary Jones-Electricity (Suwannee High School)
10. Jose Mendiola-Automotive Collision (Hamilton County HS)
11. William Norman-Welding (Suwannee High School)
12. Keniyia Patterson-Practical Nursing (Suwannee High School)
13. Phillip Pinello-Culinary (Hamilton County High School)
14. Raven Resendiz-Culinary (Suwannee High School)
15. Justice Rosenbaum-Culinary (Lafayette High School)
16. Sam Scott-Cybersecurity (Suwannee High School)
17. Sean Scott-Welding (Hamilton County High School)
18. Clinton Tipps-Automotive Service (Suwannee High School)
19. Xavier Vargason-Welding (Hamilton County High School)
20. Ryndarius Wheeler-Welding (Suwannee High School)
21. Daniel Wilson-Welding (Suwannee High School)
22. Destiny Yaun-Culinary (Suwannee High School)

In a style similar to “National Signing Day” events for high school student athletes, the students were applauded as they announced their career plans and sign “letters of intent” for advanced technical training. This recognition for career and technical education students will illuminate the many training programs and career paths for students.

“We would like to thank our community for supporting SkillsUSA National Signing Day,” said Mary Keen, RIVEROAK Technical College Principal “This program celebrates our career and technical education students and acknowledges their commitment to the skilled trades. Because of this support, SkillsUSA National Signing Day will help generate more awareness of the skilled trades as a viable career option. We are very proud of these students and their commitment!”

About SkillsUSA. SkillsUSA is a nonprofit partnership of education and industry founded in 1965 to strengthen the nation’s skilled workforce. Driven by employer demand, SkillsUSA helps students develop necessary personal and workplace skills along with technical skills grounded in academics. This SkillsUSA Framework empowers every student to succeed at work and in life, while helping to close the skills gap in which millions of position go unfilled. Through SkillsUSA’s championships program and curricula, employers have ensured schools are teaching relevant technical skills, and with SkillsUSA’s new credentialing process, they can now assess how ready potential employees are for the job. SkillsUSA has more than 372,000 annual members nationwide in high schools, middle schools and colleges, covering over 130 trade, technical and skilled service occupations, and is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and Labor as integral to career and technical education. With the addition of alumni, membership last year was 434,141. SkillsUSA receives in-kind and financial support from more than 650 national partners and has served more than 13.6 million members since 1965. For more information:

In a style similar to “National Signing Day” events for high school student athletes, twenty-two students in all, signed “letters of intent” for advanced technical training at RIVEROAK.   -Photo: Submitted

Above Photo: Al Herndon, Florida Masonry Apprentice & Educational Foundation Representative, presented the Golden Trowel Award to RIVEROAK Technical College’s Brick & Block Masonry program for winning the “Team Masonry” event.  RIVEROAK has won the traveling trophy eight times.                                                                                                                                                     -Photo: Submitted