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Home-based businesses

– Restrictions loosened

– Can now mail cottage food products

-Courtesy Photo Cottage Food Industry

By Tami Stevenson

Governor DeSantis, Tuesday, signed 94 bills into law and vetoed four. Due to the extensive list of new legislature and everyone talking about Auto Insurance SB 54, that was vetoed, two bills have taken somewhat of a back seat in the media, HB 403 — Home-based Businesses and HB 663 — Cottage Food Operations. This new legislation could mean everything to the self-employed and budding entrepreneurs.

HB 403 provides that a home-based business may operate in an area zoned for residential use and may not be prohibited, restricted, regulated, or licensed in a manner different from other businesses in a local government's jurisdiction otherwise provided by the bill. It preempts areas of regulation to the state. Home-based businesses can now have up to two employees that are not residents of the home.

Known as the Home Sweet Home Act, HB 663 revises the regulations on cottage food operations and cottage food sales. The Act increases the yearly maximum gross sales from $50,000 to $250,000. Under the previous cottage food laws, owners could receive orders and payments online from their website, for example, but had to personally deliver the goods.

This bill allows individual cottage food operations to sell, offer for sale, and accept payment for cottage food products as a business entity. The bill also allows cottage food products to be sold, offered for sale, and paid for by mail order, and permits cottage food products to be delivered by mail.

These bills took effect July 1, 2021. For more information about HB 403 or HB 663 and others, visit