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Governor wants legislature to restrict municipalities from ordering lockdowns on residents

By Tami Stevenson

Last Tuesday, Governor Ron DeSantis said in a press conference in Hialeah, where they are still under curfew, that during the next legislative session he wants state lawmakers to look at local government pandemic/emergency powers and hopes they will limit their ability to place restrictions on residents.

     In September, when he issued the Phase Three executive Order for all 67 Florida Counties, he did not include curfews, although he said, Tuesday, he has never supported curfews. The order was intended to “prevent anybody from closing a business or shutting an individual down.”

     DeSantis compared Florida to other places in the nation. “If you look at what’s happening in South Florida right now, I mean, this place is booming.” He continued, ”It would not be booming if it were shut down. Los Angeles isn’t booming. New York City’s not booming. It’s booming here because you can live like a human being. People take precautions, which is great, but you’re not locked down, people aren’t miserable, and I think it’s really remarkable what’s happening.”

     He equated curfews to “forever restrictions” and added that local governments that want to enact curfews should have a “limited duration and it should require some type of legislative sanction.”

      DeSantis said about the September Phase Three Order, “We were really using our authority to lift people up rather than to lock people down.”