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Madison Ace
- Chosen as one of the two Coolest Ace Hardware’s in nation

Madison Ace Owner Tim McDonald, right, accepting the award presented by Ace Hardware President and CEO John Venhuizen.
-Photo: Submitted

By Tami Stevenson

The owners and employees of Ace Hardware in Madison were both elated and surprised when they heard the news that their store was chosen as one of only two of the “Coolest Ace Hardware’s” in the entire nation. Last week owners Tim and Lacretia McDonald, along with their son and manager of the store, Tyler McDonald and Business to Business Manager Rodney McKinley, flew out to Las Vegas to accept the award.

Already an Ace Pinnacle retailer, which was one of the criteria, Madison Ace was approached last year in September by District Manager Tom Parman. He told Tyler McDonald their store was one of the best retailers in his district and said he wanted to nominate them for store of the year.

According to Ace Corporate, the criteria for the recognition is that the store exemplify the Ace way – helpful, unique and always changing to meet the needs of the community. According to McDonald, the award was based on a series of achievements Ace retailers have to have - community involvement activities, so many sales events each year, Ace Rewards cards, along with a mixture of the entire business.

The McDonalds place a high priority on community involvement, becoming a sponsor for school football and softball, among other things. Last year, for example, they did all of the announcing for the softball team and were able to run the concession stand so the parents were able to sit and watch the games. They were also involved with Light Up Madison while B to B Manager Rodney McKinley went to every classroom after school one day and gave out popsicles to all the teachers.

The McDonalds are from Perry, where Tim McDonald, after 25 years, retired from the Buckeye Paper Mill in 2014. He also pastors Westside Baptist Church of Perry to this day. When he retired, from the paper mill they wanted to open an Ace Hardware store, so they set off looking for a location.

“Madison just kind of found us and it just clicked with us. We love it here,” said Tyler McDonald. Having attended North Florida Community College in Madison prior to 2014, where he received an AA degree, Tyler was familiar with Madison. He then received a Bachelor’s Degree from St. Leo University.

They opened the store the same year Tim McDonald retired. His son professed, “He works more now than he did before he retired and has less money, but he loves it.”

The family is very humbled and very thankful. McDonald said if it were not for their friends and family and the community they would not be able to be in business or much less be able to go and accept such a tremendous award.

“All the glory goes to God. We are not are not worthy of it but He has been able to bless us with it,” McDonald said.

L-R: Rodney McKinley, Lacretia and Tim McDonald and Tyler McDonald
-Photo: Submitted


The awards ceremony in Las Vegas. L-R Rodney McKinley, Tyler McDonald, Tim McDonald, Lacretia McDonald and District Manager Tom Parman. -Photo: Submitted