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binderholz wins auction of Klausner Lumber Two

North Carolina facility -Photo: binderholz

Suwannee facility -Photo: binderholz

By Tami Stevenson

In a press release last week, the binderholz Group from Fügen Austria, announced

they took the winning bid during the auction of Klausner’s second site, Klausner Lumber Two, LLC, in Enfield, North Carolina. The release stated they prevailed over Mayr Melnhof Holz and were awarded the contract at $83.4M. They expect to close the transaction in January, 2021.

In August of this year they won the auction bid of Klausner Lumber One, LLC in Live Oak for $61M, which was their first venture into the United States. The release stated they are looking forward to expanding further in the USA.

Suwannee County Economic Development Executive Director Jimmy Norris said he had just visited the site in Suwannee County and it is coming along. They have 26 employees, currently, and are basically getting the site ready for production. They are revamping hydraulic lines, chains in the log yard and working on the equipment and machinery - going through everything. They also have some local subcontractors there and have sent out bids for new paving and concrete work. He said they will be adding about 10 acres of paving and concrete work to the site.

“It’s a little slow this time of year getting equipment and parts shipped to them. They are still shooting for the first part of February to get up and running,” Norris added. Most of the 26 employees are local and were previous employees that were put back to work.

According to their description in the press release, the solid wood product range extends from sawn timber, profiled timber, single- and multi-layer glued solid wood panels, glued laminated timber to binderholz cross laminated timber BBS. The waste wood from production is processed into biofuels, green electricity, multipurpose boards, pressboard blocks and pressboard pallets. The products are exported all over the world.

Reinhard Binder, CEO of binderholz said, “The acquisition of Klausner Lumber Two in Enfield, North Carolina, is the logical complement to the Klausner Lumber One plant in Live Oak, Florida, which we acquired in August. This step will significantly improve availability for our customers. With this acquisition accomplished, the foundation has been laid for further investments in the depth of value creation.”

Norris added, “Obviously with the purchase of KL2 (Klausner Lumber Two) they are looking to be a major player here in the states.”