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Live Oak Landscape Changing Rapidly

Popeyes is coming to Live Oak in 2021! -Popeyes Courtesy Photo

By Tami Stevenson

Many welcomed changes to the Live Oak landscape that seem to be taking place all at once

- have actually been years in the making, like the new post office location, the new Publix and Ag Pro for instance. Another very popular business that opened in 2020 coffee lovers cannot seem to get enough of is Elliano’s, located in front of Save A Lot, next to Walgreens on the south end of town along US 129.

Now home improvement and DIY enthusiasts will be happy to know that Harbor Freight is moving to Live Oak next to Save A Lot where the old Goodies store was located.

According to a representative from Harbor Freight, their Grand Opening date is scheduled for March 6, 2021, and they are currently hiring.

It was announced, after a zoning change was approved by the City Council recently, that Popeyes will also be coming to Live Oak along US 129 near Publix on the north end of town. They are hoping to be open by late summer, 2021, although construction of the building has not yet begun.

City and county officials say there are more businesses on the horizon but too soon to give specifics.
Suwannee County Economic Development Executive Director Jimmy Norris said they are all working just as hard to keep the south end of town just as viable as the north end and are looking forward to what the new year will bring.