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By Tami Stevenson

The FDA approved the coronavirus vaccine, Friday, and doses are being distributed and administered today.

According to a release, December 14, 2020, from Governor Ron DeSantis, 179,000 doses of the vaccine are being given to five Florida hospitals and Long-term care facilities for residents and staff.

     “Today is a historic day,” Governor DeSantis said. “It’s a great day for the United States. It’s a great day for Florida.”

     They are withholding the same number of doses being given today for the booster shot, which will be administered in 21 days, added DeSantis.

      As soon as the Pfizer news came out he said he met with as many key players as he could. He was in contact, on a daily basis, with Operation Warp Speed and so far, he said, things have gone very well.

     Other companies are slated to follow suit along with Pfizer and officials are hoping companies like Moderna will have their vaccines approved and available for distribution next week.

   Tampa General Hospital was among the first to receive the vaccine. DeSantis added that between Pfizer and Moderna, pending Moderna’s EUA approval from the FDA, within the next three weeks they hope to have close to a million doses.