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Driving school contract suspended by FLHSMV – Giving test answers

Staff Reports

In a press release last Friday, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) said they issued a Notice of Emergency Suspension of its agreement with Universal Driving School, Inc.,

an authorized third-party administrator of the Florida driver license test, after an investigation uncovered violations of the Third-Party Agreement which pose an immediate danger to the public health, safety, and welfare of Florida’s residents and visitors. 

     FLHSMV’s investigation revealed that the school was answering test questions for applicants so they would be able to pass the driving knowledge examination.    Universal Driving School, Inc., located at 2800 W. Oakland Park Blvd., Unit 103B, Oakland Park, FL, 33311, has a contract with the department to conduct knowledge examinations for Class E driver licenses in Florida. Belizaire Benoit is listed as the president of Universal Driving School, Inc.

     “It is deeply concerning that this third-party administrator would willfully aid in placing individuals who have not been properly tested on our state roadways,” said FLHSMV Executive Director Terry L. Rhodes. “The knowledge exam is in place to ensure all drivers possess the skills and proficiency to use the roads safely; any attempt to circumvent it will not be tolerated.”

     The investigation was conducted by FLHSMV Inspector General’s Office, with the assistance of the Florida Highway Patrol. The investigation found that Benoit and his accomplice, Marie Carmene Benoit, charged undercover investigators at least $400 to take the exam, and then ensured they passed it. Additionally, the Alcohol Drug Accident Prevention Certificate was sold to the investigators even though they did not take the four-hour course required to receive the certificate. 

     Floridians that have previously conducted business with Universal Driving School, Inc. or any of its associates who have concerns can contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..