Kim Denmark is walking across America

Kim Denmark, left, stopped in Live Oak, Monday, September 28. Shown above with Live Oak City Clerk John Gill. -Photo by Michelle Deas

By Tami Stevenson

"Live Oak is such a friendly town!" Exclaimed Kim Denmark, who is walking across America helping the homeless – veterans and otherwise. She came through Live Oak and was so impressed with the reception she received from businesses and passer's by alike. She said she was told by residents to call the Suwannee Valley Times. "I wasn't going to, because I'm lazy," she added. "But the people here are so great, I had to call."

She said she sometimes will even stay in a city or town for awhile if she feels she can help the homeless there. She is on her way to Madison and plans on being in Lee tonight, October 1, 2020. She hopes to make it to Tallahassee in about a week.

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Look for more of her story in the print edition of the Suwannee Valley Times on October 14, 2020.