Locals attend Trump’s Great American Comeback Rally in Jacksonville

It was estimated that over 15,000 supporters attended the Trump rally in Jacksonville, September 24, 2020, although some say it was more like 30,000 attendees. -Photo Courtesy @DonaldTrump

President Trump in Jacksonville speaking at the Great American Comeback Rally last week.
-Photo by Tammy Chapman

Columbia County Republican Party Chairman Hunter Peeler along with Suwannee County Republican Party Chairman Sherri Ortega posed together for a photo at the Great American Comeback Rally in Jacksonville last week. -Photo by Tammy Chapman

By Tami Stevenson

Local residents attended President Trump’s Great American Comeback Rally last week at Cecil Airport in Jacksonville where it was estimated that an electrified crowd of more than 15,000 supporters stood shoulder to shoulder to hear him speak. Although some say it was more like 30,000 attendees. This was the first large Trump rally in Florida since the pandemic.

“All the seats filled up, the bleachers filled up, then they were letting people behind that area. Very large crowd.” Said Live Oak resident Sherri Ortega. She attended the event with her sister, Tammy Chapman, also of Live Oak.

For the past ten years, Ortega has held the position of Republican Party Chairman for Suwannee County and is an avid supporter of President Donald Trump.

She said they do not get to do a lot of things as volunteers for the RPOF, but this is one of the things they do get to do if they so chose. She loves attending these events.

“I enjoy going and seeing friends from our area. North Central Florida has a very tight group of people. We go to each other’s events. We have become friends. We may not live next to each other but we see each other four times a year. That’s more than some people see their parents,” added Ortega. “We’re all there for the same thing, to support this president and supporting his agenda about making America great.”

Local politicians and other political figures also attended the rally. Governor Ron DeSantis, along with wife, Casey, Kat Cammack, Mat Gaetz, and Chuck Brannan were there along with Columbia County Republican Party Chairman Hunter Peeler and many others. Peeler and Ortega paused for a photo together before the president arrived on Air Force One.

President Trump spoke on many topics during his speech, domestic and foreign. He said the Republican party is the party of jobs, safety and freedom and we will ensure that America never becomes a Socialist or Communist country. He spoke about everything from farmers, healthcare, virus vaccine to the military – from China to Russia to Israel.

He was nominated for the Nobel peace Prize two times within the last few weeks for the historic peace agreement with the Israelis and Palestinians. This Monday, he was nominated again, for the third time this year, by Australian law professors for his doctrine against endless wars.

One of the topics he spoke about, that is of particular interest to parents with school-age children, and our military, is something conservatives have wanted to see happen for years.

President Trump said, “To combat the toxic left wing propaganda in our schools, I announced something last week that was very popular. That we’re launching a new pro-American lesson plan for students called 1776 Commission. We’ll teach our children the truth about America, that we are the most exceptional nation on the face of the Earth. And you haven’t seen anything yet. You see what we’re doing.”

“I’ve also issued an executive order to prohibit the teaching of critical race theory in the federal government. That hateful Marxist doctrine paints America as a wicked nation, seeks to divide everyone by race, rewrites American history, and teaches people to be ashamed of themselves and be ashamed of their country. That’s not happening anymore. We fired so many of these wise guys. We had one getting $350,000 a year teaching our military this stuff. And he said, ‘What happened?’ We said, ‘You’re fired. Get out,’” Trump exclaimed.

“We will stop the radical indoctrination of our students and restore patriotic education to our schools. We will teach our children to love our country, honor our history, and always respect our great American flag,” said President Trump as the crowd began chanting U.S.A.!, U.S.A.!, U.S.A.!

“And we will live by the timeless words of our national motto, “In God we trust.” For years, you had a President who apologized for America. Now you have a President who is standing up for America and standing up for the great people of Florida. So get your friends, get your family, get your neighbors, get your coworkers and get out and vote. We have to win this election. Most important election we’ve ever had.” Trump added.

He also talked about how politicians for decades spent trillions of dollars rebuilding foreign nations, fighting foreign wars and defending foreign borders.

“But now we are finally protecting our nation. rebuilding our cities, and we are bringing our jobs, our factories, and our troops back home to the USA.” He also said, “I took the toughest ever action to stand up to China’s rampant theft of American jobs. And I proudly signed a historic executive order, making it official government policy to buy American and hire American,” said the president.
Ortega said she personally did not see any protestors on the way there or leaving. Only the two that were at the event, which turned out to be a minor disturbance.

President Trump arriving on Air Force One at Cecil Airport in Jacksonville to thousands of cheering supporters. -Photo by Fl. Rep. Chuck Brannan