Florida primary election results for Suwannee, Madison, Hamilton and Columbia Counties

– Durrett elected Third Circuit State Attorney – Gamble elected Suwannee County Appraiser

Suwannee Property Appraiser - elect, Ricky Gamble

Ricky Gamble, Suwannee County Property Appraiser

By Tami Stevenson

Election results from the August 18, 2020 primary election, as of presstime, according to local and state unofficial results:

According to unofficial Florida Election Watch results:

Third Circuit State Attorney - John F. Durrett won by nearly 10 percentage points beating Tina Seifert.

Third Circuit State Attorney, elect, John Durrett

John F. Durrett - State Attorney, 3rd Judicial Circuit

State Senator, District 3 - Marva Harris Preston won over Benjamin Aleander Thaddeus John Horbowy by nearly 60 percentage points

State Senator, District 5 - Jennifer Bradley won over Jason Holifield by nearly 20 percentage points.

Representative in Congress D-5 - Republican Gary Adler won over Roger Wagoner with about 4 percentage points. Democrat Congressional Incumbent Al Lawson won over his other two contenders taking 55.57 percentage of the vote.

State Representative D-7 - Tyan Douglas Terrell (DEM) won over Taymour Khan (DEM) by a wide margin.


SUWANNEE: 37.29% Voter Turnout
Ricky Gamble won the Property Appraiser race taking 46.95 percent of the votes beating out two other opponents.

Suwannee Commissioner D-1: Don Hale, Jr. won over Brooks Carroll by nearly 48 percentage points.

Suwannee Commissioner D-3: Travis Land won over two other opponents, taking 55.41 percent of the vote.

Suwannee Commissioner D-5: Franklin White won over Ronnie Richardson by over 24 percentage points.

Suwannee School Board D-2: Monica Ford-Davis beat out three other opponents by taking 33.65 percent of the vote in her district.

MADISON: 37.16% Voter Turnout
In the race for Madison County Sheriff, Chris Cooks won over David M. Paulk by nearly 50 percentage points over Paulk.

Madison County Commissioner D-3: Ronnie L. Moore won over Craig Anderson by over 17 percentage points.

Madison School Board D-4: Frankie Carroll won over two other opponents by a good margin.

HAMILTON: 41.31% Voter Turnout
The race for Hamilton County Sheriff was won by Incumbent J. Harrell Reid by nearly 48 percentage points over Steve Livingston.

Hamilton County Commissioner D-1: James Murphy narrowly beat Beth Burnam.

Hamilton County Commissioner D-3: Robert Earl Brown won over Calvin Paul.

Hamilton School Board D-3: Saul Speights won over Jeanie L. Daniels by a wide margin.

COLUMBIA: 32.07% Voter Turnout
Kyle Keen beat out his other two opponents for Columbia County Tax Collector taking 59.66 percent of the votes.

Columbia County Commissioner D-1 - Incumbent Ronald Williams won over Kyle Green by over 23 percentage points.

Columbia County Commissioner D-3 - was a close race. Four candidates were competing. Robert Hollingsworth narrowly beat “Bucky” Nash by less than 2 percentage points.

Columbia County Commissioner D-5 - Tim Murphy beat Brandon Beil with just over 9 percentage points.

School Board D4 - Keith Hudson won over Michael Jenkins with a wide margin.

Lake City Council D-12 - Jake Hill, Jr. narrowly beat Noah Walker by 4 percentage points.

Lake City Council D-13 - C. Todd Sampson won over two other candidates, taking 44.55 percent of the votes.

Republican State CommitteeMan - A very close race with Roger J. Busscher taking 50.42 percent of the votes and Koby Adams taking 49.58 percent. Less than one percentage point apart.

Republican State CommitteeWoman - Another close race with Kimi D. Roberts beating Dixie Donovan by just over 4 percentage points.