COVID-19 Medical experts speak out

Florida’s COVID-19 Data and Surveillance Dashboard. -Courtesy image by the Florida Department of Health, Division of Disease Control and Health Protection

By Tami Stevenson

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been claims and rumors from those in the medical field that said they were finding that what was being talked about on the evening news, was not necessarily what was happening in their real world – claims about nurses finding labs in Florida turning out 100 percent positive results for coronavirus, how most hospitals were not overrun by COVID-19 patients. In fact, they were being laid off. Reportedly, some of these nurses at a testing site decided to turn in some swabs that were never used and see what happened – they also came back positive for COVID-19. Recently a trusted, anonymous source told the Suwannee Valley Times about a testing sight in North Florida that had to turn 300 or so people away at the last minute, but their names and information were already taken. Days later, each of these received a letter in the mail stating they had tested positive for COVID-19. In the beginning, those in the medical field were afraid to speak out for fear of retaliation but those days are waning.

Now doctors and nurses are beginning to take a stand and speak out about what they are seeing. Doctors with good credentials are no longer staying in the shadows about what is really going on because they see the political aspect that has been injected into this pandemic and how it is hurting millions of Americans. They are seeing how the mainstream media refuses to report anything but what is on their agenda and simply ignoring the rest. They are not reporting all of the facts. In fact, in many cases, they are suppressing anything that does not fit into their obvious political agenda. They no longer report all of the news and let you make up your own mind. They have made that decision for their audience by simply ignoring anything that doesn’t back up their agendas. They are using unfounded fear mongering to shut this nation down with this pandemic. Things like how COVID-19’s mortality rate has been greatly inflated. How the normal flu Americans get each year kills more than 60,000 people (in America alone) and infects more than 25 million people each year (in America alone). They even refuse to report on many of the organized bombings and violence taking place across the country. If that is not news, what is considered news these days?

Americans are getting tired of being manipulated. One such American, based in Fort Myers, and LaBelle, Florida, Doctor Dareld Morris II, D.O., is one of them. On July 31, 2020, his daughter, Shelby Jo, published a video of her father speaking out about what is happening at his practice with this pandemic.

Dr Morris said in Florida alone auditors have already exposed 40 (forty) or more labs that are doing COVID testing that are in fact, faking the results. They are reporting 100 percent positive result ratios which is just statistically impossible. Only two of the labs that were audited come out at less than ten percent positive. Morris said, “This is political ridiculous motivation, insurance fraud, and there is all kinds of illegality going on here.”

He went on to say that in Florida they are reporting that they don’t have enough hospital beds.

“This is completely not true as well,” said Morris. “What happened is a few months back the hospitals here had massive layoffs because they were slow, due to not being able to perform elective procedures and other things. Many of them were running at 50 - 60 percent staffing capacity.” Morris went on to say, “The real stats are that there are more than enough beds, what there is, is not enough staff. So they may be full to capacity based on the number of staff members they have working, but they do not have a full staff. So those numbers are being manipulated as well.”

He also said lastly, regarding the treatment of COVID-19, last week a press conference was held in Washington D.C. where many doctors attended. They talked about their successful treatment of the virus. One particularly has treated over 300 patients in the Houston area with diabetes, hypertension and COVID positives, with massive success, treating (patients) with hydroxychloroquine, zinc and the protocol with Zithromax (azithromycin), which is having good success in many practices across the country.

“But physicians are being shouted down and the media is not carrying (the stories) because it’s not the montra of what turns out to be the left. Media is clearly a given on trying to hit on the president here. Those videos showing physicians were having successful treatment with that protocol has now been deleted from Twitter and Facebook, which you all probably know are left-leaning organizations. That is just censorship and restricting the information flow of the United States.”

He said in his practice he has written that same protocol for many of his patients that are at risk and the local pharmacies have refused to fill them. He said, “I have had many patients on hydroxychloroquine for many years because I also treat Lupus (patients). And for twenty plus years they have been on that medication with no side effects, no trouble whatsoever. So there’s no reason not to utilize this protocol if it’s indicated. And not letting that information freely flow and refusing to utilize those protocols which are having success in other practices is just criminal.”

Another well respected pediatrician from California, Doctor Robert Hamilton, said in a video release where multiple professionals from the medical field spoke, encouraged the re-opening of schools. He spoke about a study that came out recently from Korea and how the New York Times picked up on it and the Loss Angelos Times, making the case that children are potential spreaders of the virus. Doctor Hamilton said when you look at that study, they took about 5,900 cases. They then traced about 59,000 household contacts of these 5,900 cases and found that children over 10 years of age do spread the infection to their parents and other people in the family. Under 10 years of age they are about half as likely to pass on the virus to family members.

Hamilton said, “It is important that we realize, this is in the home. And we are talking about Korea, I looked it up and found the average size of an apartment is 1,100 square feet. Even in the country they live in apartments.” He has been to Korea as well and said it is a very dense population. If the average size is 1,100 square feet, that means there are some that are larger and some that are smaller. So you can understand that the potential of them having very intense contact with sick family members is very high. So we must realize that is inside their homes, their apartments, not in a school setting where the distance between students is much greater. “So even though the New York Times and the LA Times are using that as information to say maybe kids shouldn’t go back to school in the U.S., the truth be told this is not happening.”

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