Doctor Kelly Victory, M.D.
Exposes false claims about pandemic

-Image Courtesy of University of Michigan

By Tami Stevenson

Doctor Kelly Victory, MD, also put out a video recently about false claims concerning the Coronavirus pandemic.

Doctor Victory is a trauma and emergency physician with a specialty in disaster preparedness and response, and the management of mass casualty. For the past two decades she has been in public health working with and advising hospitals, schools, municipalities and fortune 500 companies, developing plans and training them to respond effectively to the worst ever cases. Whether that be a hurricane, a flood, an active shooter or a pandemic.

She stated in the video that we know that 85 percent of the people who contract coronavirus do not have any symptoms at all. Another 10 percent or so actually become ill, the way you might with the flu and need to seek medical care, but only a very small number actually require hospitalization. And although any deaths are tragic only a tiny fraction have died from this infection. She said all viruses mutate and coronavirus is particularly good at it, but the good news is that with each mutation, the virus grows weaker. This virus cannot survive for only a few minutes when the temperatures reach above 70 degrees outside the body and certainly not when the temperatures are in the mid 80’s or higher. She added that coronaviruses tend to be seasonal in nature, meaning they have normal increases and decreases depending on the weather. Typically declining in the warmer months and potentially increasing in the cooler weather months. “This is why you’ve heard there could be a second wave in the fall.”

She asked the question, so who is at risk? We know that the vast majority are not at significant health risk if they contract the virus. The people we are most concerned about are those who are over the age of 70 and who also have underlying health problems. The underlying diseases that we are specifically concerned about – diabetes, hypertension, obesity and lung diseases like asthma or emphysema. When it comes to risk from COVID-19, overall health is far more important than your chronologic age. In other words, the number of candles on your last birthday cake is less important than how active, fit and healthy you are overall. Children are at virtually (little to no risk). Only a handful of children throughout the country have any significant illness from COVID-19. All of them had serious underlying health issues. In fact, outside of New York City, this virus has essentially been a nursing home problem. The general pubic has simply not been impacted the way the media and public health officials have lead us to believe.

The national response to COVID-19 was horribly miss-guided. Let’s start with social distancing. Social distancing was never scientifically based as a method for responding to a pandemic. What is a fundamental public health method for controlling the spread of infectious diseases, is quarantine. In quarantine the sick are isolated, kept indoors away from others. And those who are at significant risk, the elderly and those with underlying diseases are protected, say by the wearing of masks in public. Keeping healthy people isolated from one another simply isn’t necessary.

Masks are intended for the ill when they will be potentially in contact with others. And for those who are caring for them. Multiple medical authorities, (including the New England Journal of Medicine, that said in an article titled, Universal Masking in Hospitals in the Covid-19 Era, “We know that wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection.”) have now all acknowledged that there is no scientific justification for normal, healthy people to be wearing masks. In fact, prolonged mask wearing actually increases the risk of the disease to the wearer. People tend to touch their faces much more often when they are wearing masks. In addition, we end up re-breathing particles that our lungs have already exhaled. Whether it’s pollen, dust, virus or bacteria particles. They are trapped in the mask and on the very next inhale they breathe this back in. Also, people are wearing masks other than surgical or medical masks and many of them are not porous enough to allow carbon dioxide that we exhale, to fully dissipate. We breathe back in more carbon dioxide. Furthermore and very importantly, habitual wearing of masks decreases the body’s natural immune response. We are supposed to come into contact regularly with foreign things, bacteria, viruses, all kinds of things. And that is what keeps our immune systems on full alert, working at full capacity. If you limit your exposure to everything by constantly wearing masks, or the over use of hand sanitizers and disinfectants, your immune system, in effect, says, apparently I’m not needed. I’ll go on vacation, take a nap. And it will not be prepped and ready to mount the appropriate response when needed.

So what’s the real risk of contracting COVID-19? Despite what you were lead to believe, COVID-19 has not proven to be as contagious. The recent New England Journal of Medicine study showed that it really takes quite a significant face to face exposure to someone who is sick from the virus for a matter of minuets. And even then, transmission is far from certain. There is a very low risk of contracting the virus from exposure to hard surfaces. The CDC now admits that continuously disinfecting hard surfaces is unnecessary, because the virus doesn’t live for more than a very brief time on hard surfaces.

Lastly, there is a very low risk from exposure to children. It turns out that children who actually have the virus in their noses or mouths, harbor a very small amount of it. They have on average, less than 25 percent, less than a quarter of the viral load we find in adults. So we don’t need to be as concerned about being in close contact with children.

People wonder what will ultimately keep us safe from COVID-19. Let’s start with immunity. The human body has a very advanced and highly adaptive immune system that keeps us safe by fending off a host of potential enemies on a daily basis. Everyday we come in contact with bacteria, viruses, dust and pollen along with all sorts of environmental agents that could potentially harm us. Our immune systems identify those agents as friend or foe, and sends out the appropriate army to fight it off, if it is identified as harmful. If it is a foe that we’ve never seen before, the immune system quickly creates a specialized soldier, known as an antibody, that is specifically suited to attack and disarm that foe. Then those antibodies, those specialized soldiers stick around so if we ever come in contact with that enemy again, the immune system can quickly deploy them to the scene. We are now “immune” to that enemy or disease, because we already have the appropriate antibodies to fight it.

You may have heard the term “herd immunity.” Herd immunity is when the vast majority of people, upwards of 90 plus percent of an entire population has already been exposed to something and has developed antibodies. When this happens, the few people who have never been exposed, who have not developed antibodies are (normally) safe because this disease simply cannot take hold in that community and cause an outbreak because it is fought off and killed before it can spread.

For viruses like COVID-19 that are relatively mild for the vast majority of people, herd immunity is sometimes the best approach. In other words, let people be exposed to the disease, knowing that they won’t likely become ill, but thereby allowing them to develop antibodies naturally. So that another outbreak cannot and will not occur. Therefore, the best thing we can do is allow children to be out and about. Knowing that if they do get exposed, they are at virtually (little to no risk) of actually becoming ill. But they will develop antibodies that will protect them and others from future outbreaks by contributing to the overall immunity of the “herd.”

Another way we develop antibodies is through a vaccine. A vaccine is typically created by taking the virus or virus particles that have been effectively killed or rendered otherwise harmless and injecting those into the body. The immune system sees this foreign invader or enemy and goes about creating those specialized soldiers or antibodies that allow you to fight the virus off if you ever come into contact with the live version in the future. Unfortunately, waiting for a vaccine to be developed before we return to our lives simply doesn’t make sense. Although several companies are currently working on developing a vaccine for COVID-19, there is certainly no guarantee that they will be successful or that it will be available anytime soon. There are many, many viruses that have been around for a lot longer than COVID-19 for which scientists have never been able to develop an effective vaccine. HIV, ebola, norovirus, herpes, just to name a few. So waiting for a vaccine, although it may come for COVID-19, just is not realistic.

It makes sense to follow regular guidelines for hygiene, but healthy people wearing masks, disinfecting their doorknobs, windowsills and chair legs wasn’t necessary before COVID-19 and is not necessary now. The COVID-19 response and everything that went with it, the shutdown, social distancing, masks for the healthy, continuous disinfecting was unfounded. It was not based on scientific evidence and frankly, it was profoundly damaging to the lives of millions of Americans.

The good news is, is that there is no need for a new “normal.” The old normal was perfectly safe. It is time to take our lives back. To return to school, to church, to our families and friends. To get businesses up and running at full capacity and to trust our immune systems to do their jobs.

“I sincerely hope that armed with the information you have heard from me today, you will feel better informed and more confident to return to your lives with conviction and without fear,” said Doctor Victory.