Beauticians - Barbers - Nail Techs Back in Business

First day back! Chasity Thomas of Hot Heads Salon & Spa in Live Oak is heavy highlighting Logan Lawson to transition her into a blonde. -Photo: Submitted 

By Tami Stevenson

As salons and barber shops open up across most of Florida, stylists say they can adjust to wearing masks and adhering to the new guidelines. They missed their customers and are just glad to be back to work. Relieved customers are keeping the appointment books filled with no walk-ins allowed, according to the new guidelines. Technicians are hearing things like, “I was just going to shave my head if this lasted much longer.”
Loretta Thomas, owner of Hot Heads Salon & Spa in Live Oak said they were busy all day.

“We are excited to be with our clients again and glad to be behind the chair again, that’s for sure.” They were slammed for their first day back. The appointments have to be made 15 minutes apart to allow for a thorough disinfecting of each station after each client. Thomas said she also has a separate nail room equipped with a sneeze guard to keep clients safe.

“We had this all set up and ready to open May 1.” They also installed a sneeze guard at the check-out counter to emphasize safety for their customers and stylists. She said the stylists are all getting used to wearing the masks. They are just happy to be back to work.

Mane Street Salon Owner Jessica Selph, in Jasper, said she didn’t even publicly announce she was open, she was busy enough with the clients that messaged her through social media.

“The face mask is a little bit of an adjustment because we do so much talking with our clients, but I’ve been wearing mine all day today and it’s not as bad as I thought it would be,” commented Selph. “This way the customer is safer when they come in.”



Pursuant to Executive Order 20-120, issued May 9, 2020 – Effective May 11, 2020


The following restrictions are mandatory for barbershops, cosmetology salons, and cosmetology specialty salons:

*All customers will be by appointment only.

*Allow at least 15 minutes between the conclusion of an appointment and the beginning of the next appointment for proper disinfecting practices.

*No group appointments are permitted.

*Masks must be worn by all employees while performing personal services.

Barbershops, cosmetology salons, and cosmetology specialty salons are encouraged to adhere to the following guidance:

*Thoroughly clean and disinfect prior to reopening. Make sure to disinfect all surfaces, tools and linens, even if they were cleaned before you originally closed. This type of cleaning should continue between each day of operation.

*Consider providing unworn masks to clients for use during their appointment.

*Remove all unnecessary, frequently touched items like magazines, newspapers, service menus and any other unnecessary paper products and décor from customer service areas.