Food Shortages or RED TAPE

An empty meat case is becoming the norm.                                    -SVT Photo

Staff Reports

The question Americans are asking, “Why are the store shelves empty if there are no shortages?” It was reported that at one of the dollar stores in Columbia County that when the truck carrying fresh supplies of toilet paper pulled in, customers practically mobbed the driver in the parking lot. People are fighting over toilet paper. When you walk into a store today, signs are all over, “limit two” or “limit one.” What is going on?

Now we hear that ranchers are being forced to euthanize millions of chickens, along with pigs and cattle. Farmers are being asked to plow their perfectly good crops under because they cannot get them to market. This scenario just doesn’t add up.

According to reports, it is the red tape. These farmers and ranchers are set up with all of the guidelines and labeling to sell to restaurants and other organizations that do not sell retail meats and produce. With most restaurants either being closed or only able to sell take out, schools being closed and other organizations, these farmers and ranchers are being forced to euthanize their herds of cattle, pigs and chickens and plow under their crops. The labeling and packaging rules from the FDA are so strict, that without the proper labeling and packaging for retail, they cannot sell their product. The FDA cannot move fast enough to make the necessary changes, so the supply chain is broken because of red tape.

The paper industry has a similar scenario, with people out of work and not using the industrial toilet paper supplied to them by their employers and such, the retail toilet paper industry cannot keep up. They are separate entities and the industrial producers do not have the labeling and packaging for retail, so they cannot sell their products.


Empty toilet paper isle.                                                                 -SVT Photo